About Me!

My name is Jose Hernandez and I have been in the locksmith business in Chicago, Illinois for over twenty years. I have surmounted many hurdles and have to thank some smart decisions I took in my marketing efforts.

My goal is to help fellow locksmith businesses thrive with calls directly to your place of work. More importantly, callers will be consumers within your vicinity. Our superior Google My Business leads involve people that are ready to buy and people in your general area. When these individuals are transferred to your place of business, they’ll be eager to set up an appointment almost immediately. In fact, around 90% of leads can be converted into an appointment and a sale. This equates to more business for you and added revenue! And finally, our service is available without a lengthy contract. So, you only pay for two or three months and get more leads through Google!

Welcome to Omega Locksmith Marketing, a marketing service with exclusive deals for locksmiths! Today, marketing can be a major frustration and very time-consuming. Nonetheless, it is something all successful locksmiths must do! In order to excel and to push your revenue higher and higher, it is absolutely essential to obtain quality leads from Google My Business. You just cannot keep spending on Google Ads and Facebook Ads all the time. Live leads from legit consumers will quickly convert into a customer and potentially even a long-term client.

I understand wholeheartedly how expensive it can be to hire someone for your marketing needs to generate leads from your website and GMB. This is normally unreasonable and simply out of question. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place. As someone who is a member of the ALOA and knows the locksmith market like the back of their hand, I can help you get the live phone calls you deserve with the right marketing automation and SEO deals.

Locksmith Only Oriented Local SEO Service – All US Cities!

While there are some similar services out there, Omega Locksmith Marketing is the only company that caters specifically to locksmiths all around the country. As a practicing locksmith, I understand the precise needs of clients. I am also active on Locksmith Facebook groups and Clearstar, so I am able to generate leads through numerous channels including Facebook but Google My Business remains one of my favorites. I rank on top for so many keywords in my area. Hey, I don’t offer this service to folks in Chicago, but any other city in the US is welcome! This service can directly flood relevant locksmith-oriented calls to your locksmith business. If you thought it was difficult to attract clients, you were wrong. With this service, the customer will come to you! What’s special is I have tied up with DigitalBull Go after extensively testing their service and software. Otherwise, I wouldn’t risk my 20+ year reputation in the locksmith market with this exciting service. Call me today or book a free consultation and I promise you, you will sign up immediately once I let you know the value in the program. 

Quality Guaranteed

While I always go above and beyond to generate the most relevant callers, it is also important to realize that problems may occur from time to time as Google keeps updating its algorithm. This is why a quality assurance standard is implemented to ensure that we get the best possible results within a 3 or 4-month time frame. I guarantee that you’ll never pay for a service that does not meet our stringent SEO quality standards. With back end recordings and a dispute mechanism in place, we’ll be able to determine whether or not the lead was indeed valid. This combination ensures that you get the quality you deserve and are paying for legitimate SEO services that will help convert your phone call leads into a sale!

24×7 Service

As a businessman, you’ll undoubtedly want to keep your employees busy throughout the entire workday. The good news is that people get locked out of their vehicles and homes or need locks changed at all hours of the day and night. We can help direct leads to your business 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! We’ll take the guesswork out of it, so you’ll only need to answer the phone and schedule the appointment. The Map Pack is the way!

Totally Effective

Phone leads are the number one ways to boost your revenue. This is not a myth. It has been proven time and again that phone leads will convert more often than not. With Omega Locksmith Marketing’s SEO services, you’ll receive legitimate exclusive phone calls that will be highly qualified and locksmith related. There has never been a better way to boost your revenue!